What’s going on in Madeira in October 2015?

What’s going on in Madeira in October 2015?

The second month of autumn may bring rusty leaves and rainy cold days to continental Europe, but the situation in Madeira is a bit different. Did you forget Madeira is the Island of the Eternal Spring? Second vital question: What’s going on in Madeira in October 2015?

We were thinking we’d take a moment to look into the most interesting, most important and most fun events in Madeira Island scheduled for the month of October 2015.

We start the month with the Madeira Nature Festival, also known as the Madeira World Games.

Scheduled for October 6th to 11th this year, this event is the last on the official Madeira Tourism Board calendar, ending the “outdoors events season”, so to speak, with a multitude of activities ranging from trekking to sailing or paragliding. You are invited to take a walk around the island and admire nature in all its beauty.

Madeira has a great history of celebrating its local produce, be it fruits or vegetables, so October is the time to join the Apple Festival (Festa da Maca) in Camacha. Apple Cider is the star of the day and everyone is invited to sample its flavor.

Celebrated between the 8th and the 9th of October, the Lord of Miracles Festival, or Festa do Senhor dos Milagres, is one of the greatest religious feasts in Machico. It celebrates the miraculous recovery of the statue of the Lord from the Chapel Senhor dos Milagres after the 1803 flood.

As for ex-pagan, present-day popular celebrations, the Celtic celebration of Halloween also comes to Madeira with a display of colorful costumes and parties on October 31st.

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