Discover Madeira’s top summer festivals and events!

black fish

1. Funchal Fair, 24th July-29th July
These summer thematic fairs are organized into several categories and you will surely be amazed by the large variety of unique and special products you will find here, from jewelry and decorations, antiquities and books to delicious local gastronomic specialties.
These provide local artisans a more intimate method to display their creations in the Mercado dos Lavradores, a symbol and distinctive location in Madeiran history.
Don’t miss this original summer market, you will definitely fall in love with the unique products you’ll find here!

2. Festa da Alegria, Funchal, Santa Cruz, 05th August-06th August
To share the local customs that are still practiced in the city of Funchal, Casa do Povo and the Parish Council of So Roque host the “Festa da Alegria.”
The higher parts of So Roque are transformed into a place for the display of livestock animals, along with the customary festival food and drink kiosks serving delectable regional fare.
Grab the ticket and spend an outstandingly beautiful and amazing day here with your family and friends, you won’t regret it!

3. Black Scabbardfish Festival, Camara do Lobos, 10th August-13th August
The Black Scabbardfish Festival, which is held in the harbor of Camara de Lobos every year and is organized by the Camara de Lobos Parish Council, is a wonderful and entertaining event that promotes one of the most distinctive Madeiran culinary specialties. At the Black Scabbardfish Festival, which combines fun and food, everyone is invited to take part in a variety of activities, such as display cooking, music and dance performances.
It’s definitely worth it spending some fun and quality time enjoying this great atmosphere!

4. Wine Harvest Fest, Porto Santo, 17th August-18th August
This wine festival aims to draw attention to the island’s grape types. The gathering starts with grape picking and involves wine tasting of Porto Santo and grape must.
Participate in the grape harvest, observe the grapes being crushed traditionally and enjoy the flavor of the freshly squeezed grape juice, you will be enchanted by this elaborate process!

5. International Super Trial 4X4, Sao Vicente, 19th August- 20th August
The International Super Trial 4X4 S. Vicente Madeira is a 44 endurance sports competition that is organized by Grupo Desportivo do Estreito and held in Sao Vicente.
20 teams, 10 regional and the other 10 with participants from both mainland Portugal and abroad, will compete in this tournament.
This is the perfect opportunity for sports’ enthusiasts to enjoy an adventurous and extraordinary day in Madeira!

Spend the perfect summer in Madeira, the sun kissed corner of paradise, where you can enjoy every single day amazing and interesting events and festivals, while discovering the island’s treasures and beauties, always counting on Madeira Transfers for easy and high quality taxi services and Madeira Car Hire for excellent and hassle free car rentals!



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