Madeira Car Hire

Madeira car hire

A genuine corner of Paradise, the Portuguese island of Madeira, welcomes thousands of visitors annually, which makes it one of the most alluring European holiday destinations and today, the best way to visit and enjoy an unforgettable experience here is if you rent a car in Madeira.

Colour, nature, forest and the ocean, exquisitely sweet wine and the friendliest people in the world: this is Madeira! Its capital city, Funchal, is a historical place, a realm where the old history of the conquests meets the modern network of transport. Its winding narrow streets and mild slopes make it easier to negotiate with the aid of a reliable car.

Madeira attracts people from all corners of the world, but especially English, Dutch, Belgians, French and Scandinavians who seek to flee the cold and gloom of their northern homelands. Many tourists coming to Madeira do not wish to miss the comfort and independence given by having a car at their disposal, so they decide to rent one. Madeira Car Hire offers you the possibility to pick up and drop off the car straight from the Airport of Madeira or from the hotel.

Apart from the cosmopolitan Funchal, there are many other places you can visit in Madeira, such as Porto Moniz, Santana – where you can find the characteristic triangular thatched houses – you can explore the Laurisilva and its network of levadas, and you can also practice a great many sports and outdoors activities to make for a fabulous, unforgettable vacation.

But whatever you do, you will need some means of transportation. Our recommendation is to employ either an airport transfer service to take you everywhere around the island or, if you enjoy driving yourself, to employ a car rental service. To make the best of your stay and enjoy your freedom to do everything and go everywhere, we suggest you hire a car in Madeira.

Enjoy your stay in the Island of the Eternal Spring!