Top Hidden Attractions in Madeira


If you have ever travelled to the wondrous island of the eternal spring, there are spots you are never in danger of missing, but there are also those that you risk to miss out on, so that’s exactly why we are here to talk about the Top Hidden Attractions in Madeira.
Here are a few spots that are worth putting on your list not because they are mainstream, but exactly for the opposite reason: because they are completely different from the usual Madeira tour routine – though you can and should pop them in there as well.
One of the things you will often see on islands are straw hats. At the Hats Factory of Santa Maria you can not only get a hat, but take your pick out of a pretty wide selection of head gear accessories. Of course, you can also get a specially tailored one, at the factory you can get your measures taken and get a perfect hat for you.

São Lourenço Palace in Funchal is one of the coolest free entry attractions. It is a beautiful lavish palace you can explore free of charge anytime in the capital city of the island. Classical paintings, French furniture and other artifacts are available on display – you will love every minute of your stay here.

Another museum to put on the list is the Museum Quinta das Cruzes. It is open everyday except from Mondays. The former home of João Gonçalves Zarco (who, for those who may not know, is one of those who discovered Madeira and started turning it into what it is today) also offers the opportunity to freely stroll along its wiede gardens and admire the Manueline architecture of the buildings outside. Sometimes, visiting what from the outside looks like a simple house is a great opportunity to delve a bit deeper into the inner life of a place, and that – in Madeira – is amazing!



by Madeira Airport Transfer