Enjoy the delightful events and festivals of Madeira in January!


Madeira is an event- and flower-filled island. Almost every month, an unusual event is held to the delight of both visitors and residents. Some of them are even well-known internationally, while others are just waiting for everyone who visits the stunning and mesmerizing Madeira to discover and enjoy them.

1. Cantar os Reis – 5th January

On the 12th night following Christmas, the delightful Madeiran event known as Cantar os Reis, which is replete with carols and melodies, is held. Traditionally, groups of people perform music and sing in the streets at night, going from house to house. All around the island, notably in Ribeira Brava, Câmara de Lobos, and the auditorium in the Jardim Municipal in Funchal, outdoor performances are held. Local musical ensembles play the upbeat traditional carols. You cannot miss this special event!

2. Santo Amaro Festival – 12th – 15th January

To signal the end of the Christmas season, “Santo Amaro” is held across Madeira. As families assemble for a final festive supper and take down the nativity figures, traditional lapinhas, and Christmas decorations, there are treats for Christmas on every table. Santa Cruz holds a festival with stalls, food, music, and a candle-lit procession to the Igreja Matriz in honor of the patron saint.

3. Funchal Marathon – 22nd January

The 22nd Funchal Marathon is ideal for those seeking a running rush but preferring a less strenuous course. The Sprint and Middle-Distance events in the event are appropriate for runners of all ages and skill levels. The three races are the 42-kilometer full marathon, the 24-kilometer half marathon, and the 6-kilometer mini marathon. Both residents and non-residents are welcome to the event.

4. Madeira Web Summit Digital Nomad Edition – 25th – 29th January

The 2023 Madeira Web Summit Digital Nomad Edition will take place in Ponta do Sol from January 25 to the 29th. If you want to make remote work your primary source of income, this event definitely suits you.

5. Panelo Festival – 28th -29th January

The month of January comes to a close with the Panelo Feastival, when everyone congregates at Cho da Ribeira, Seixal on January 28 and 29 to partake in a traditional Madeiran feast that includes cabbage, regional sausages, and vegetables. If that’s not enough, there will also be a ton of food and beverage stalls, all of which will be complemented by exciting local entertainment.

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