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With its numerous excellent natural beauty places, laid-back lifestyle, and the friendliest people you’ll ever meet, Madeira Island, often known as the Pearl of the Atlantic, is the ideal destination for a vacation. It boasts the best soft clear water, cleanest air, and rarest and most magnificent tropical fruits and veggies. You must try the excellent, rustic, traditional Madeiran cuisine, which combines Mediterranean and African flavors. It seems sense that nobody wants to leave this stunning uncharted island.

1. Sounds and flavours of Madeira- 18-20th November 2022
Another iteration of this event, organized by Casa do Povo de Santa Cruz (Community Center), will take place between November 18 and 20, which is the start of the Christmas celebrations in that municipality.
An annual festival featuring music, folklore, food sampling, and local beverages is held.
Along with the traditional flavors and fruit vendors, talks, and live gastronomic demonstrations, the event counts on the involvement of certain local restaurants showcasing local flavors. Sounds and Flavours of Madeira compiles a thorough regional overview in a single place.

2. “Os Barrocos” Concert- 19th November 2022
In accordance with the schedule for the HARMONIUM exhibition, the Museum of Sacred Art of Funchal (MASF) is promoting two concerts by the band “Os Barrocos” on November 12 and 19.
Day 12: Bach, Handel, Vierne, and Telemann compositions
Day 19: Music by Bach and Vierne, as well as pieces by Bodin de Boismortiers, Rathgeber, and Vivaldi.
HARMONIUM temporary display room is the first section.
Second section: the permanent exhibition’s main chamber (Flemish Art).

3. The essence of wine
One of the largest wine fairs in Portugal, The Essence of Wine Show brings together regional and national producers. The event, which is held at the famous Pestana Forum Casino, features wine tastings, demonstrations of famous chefs’ skills in the kitchen, as well as plenty of tips, delectable fare, and the chance to try some of the finest Portuguese and Madeiran wines.

4. Christmas and NewYear’s Eve Festivities- starts on 1st of December 2022
The magnificent Christmas lights that illuminate Funchal’s downtown turn on at exactly midnight on December 1st, signaling the formal start of the Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations.
The Christmas mood permeates both the people and the tourists in Madeira, giving the impression that the island doesn’t sleep until January. With ongoing entertainment and culinary events, Funchal maintains a year-round festive atmosphere throughout the city’s avenues and public spaces.

5. Arrival of Santa Claus’s Allegoric Parade- 7th December 2022
The Arrival of Santa Claus parade was the first unique and ground-breaking project in RAM produced by Câmara de Lobos for the 2019 holiday season. When the Christmas lights are turned on in the town center and in the heart of each parish, this endeavor is anticipated to happen on December 7 at 8:00 p.m.
The parade will recreate the enchanted ambience of the holiday season in the manner of the “Disney Parade.” Starting at Rua da Carreira and moving through downtown, the procession will then pass through Rua Padre Clemente Nunes Pereira, Largo de So Sebastio, and end in Praça da Autonomia, where a replica of Santa Claus’ throne will be set up in the bandstand for the children to present him with their wish lists.

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