The Wonders of Madeira

Wonders of Madeira


For every avid hiker and wandering tourist, the volcanic island of Madeira is an earthly paradise. Its network of Levadas (irrigation mini canals) create beautiful paths through tunnels carved in the mountains and paths that lose their trace in the deep forest. Its subtropical climate is optimal and warm throughout the year.

Funchal and its surroundings are encircled by large parks. If miles of sandy beaches are your idea of happiness, there’s no better place to go than Porto Santo. The small island is still one of the few places relatively unspoiled by mass tourism, with only a few hotels placed there.


There are two main types of Madeira tours for those planning to travel to the Island of the Eternal Spring: combined trips and auto tours that cover the whole island in about a week. You can employ the services of a Madeira transfer service to take you to your destination or drive you around the island.

Of course, if you choose to have complete liberty, you might like to look into the option of hiring a car and driving yourself. Thus, you are free to organize your trip and your time as you wish. In contrast, if you want to avoid having to negotiate the winding, narrow streets of Madeira behind the wheel, you are free to choose a circuit, which will provide roughly the same accommodation and show you around just as thoroughly. Due to the small size of the island, the place is easily accessible. The excursions are usually offered by a French-speaking guide, in a minibus.

Madeira is also a dream come true for sailing enthusiasts, and renting a sailboat is very accessible: just ask the tourist office on site. Funchal Bay, also known as the “Pearl of the Ocean”, offers a magnificent show.

Fishing is the main activity and resource of the archipelago. Boat trips to see people fishing are organized on the island, and they are definitely something not to be missed, as you will also have the chance to spend quality time with the locals!

Whatever your choice, you will most certainly love your stay on Madeira Island!



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