What’s up in Madeira this November?


Here is a question for all of you lovers of the Island of the Eternal spring: What’s up in Madeira this November? Like every month, we meet again to talk about the most exciting events on the island. Today’s discussion is about November 2016.

Did you know November is actually an amazing time to travel? It is, even though the weather might be a bit capricious! November is the cheapest month to travel so don’t write a vacation off your list this month!

Here are some of the events you can attend in Madeira in November 2016:

The Chestnut Festival, locally known as Festa da Castanha, is an annual popular event scheduled for 1-2 November 2016. Its main aim is to promote the local chestnut production. The celebration includes food and drink, music and good cheer. November 1st coincides with All Saints’ Day, so the Chestnut Festival in Madeira is a combination of religious manifestations and popular display, a bit like Halloween in the West.

The Madeira Conservatory Association is proud to present the great Madeira Piano Fest, scheduled for November 5-13. If you love piano music in all its manifestations (classical, instrumental, etc.), the Madeira Piano Fest is the place for you to feast your… ears for a few special nights of music.

The Funchal International Film Festival is the perfect place for film buffs all over the world. The dates are yet to be announced, but what we already know from previous experience is that this is bound to be a great opportunity to view some of the best independent films on various intriguing subjects.

And to end the month with a sweet flavor, the Essence of Wine Madeira has been scheduled for November 25-27.
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