Things to do is Madeira in autumn: Part 2

Things to do is Madeira in autumn Part 2

Last time, we explored some of the many things to do is Madeira in autumn. We feel there is still much to be said on the subject, so here is a new list of alternatives to scuba diving and sunbathing, as well as a review of the reasons why coming to Madeira in autumn or even in winter should not be ignored.

Many people are actually tempted by the idea of traveling during what is called “the low season”. The advantages are clear: firstly, the prices are much lower. Secondly, the holiday resorts are less crowded. It is also much more relaxing to take a break from work and travel “during the year” instead of waiting for the national holidays.

But coming back to the point, here are our new suggestions of things to do is Madeira in autumn:

A spiritual hour in Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Monte, an 18th century church and famous Madeiran pilgrimage site set in the middle of the unique Monte village.

A visit to the Universo de Memorias Joao Carlos Abreu will mean plunging into a kaleidoscope of recollections and artifacts collected throughout the life and travels of the great writer and politician. This elegant small palace offers a teahouse, an auditorium for lectures and a beautiful garden to explore.

CR7 Museum located on Rua Princesa Dona Maria Amelia, Funchal, Madeira, is a must-see for any football fan. For only 5 EUR, you can explore the history and glory of local football in an innovative way.

Also in the capital city of Madeira Island, Funchal, you will be surprised to see another interesting museum: Casa da Luz (in fact the Electricity Museum). There is plenty to see and do here, and it is an educative place for kids as well!

A last word of advice: you can rent a car to travel freely around the whole island and admire it in all its beauty, even on a slightly cooler day.



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