Spring comes to the Island of the Eternal Spring


As spring comes to the Island of the Eternal Spring, we become more and more open to the possibility of traveling to Madeira this March or April. The island is a wonderful, idyllic place to visit regardless of time and weather, but it is not called “the Island of the Eternal Spring” for no reason.

Madeira Island is located in the Atlantic Ocean, midway between the African world and Europe… but in all honesty, we should acknowledge the fact that it lies closer to Africa than Europe. It certainly is far away from mainland Portugal, the motherland, but somehow there is a European sense of things and the same welcoming air that can be found in the country of the Portuguese, probably the nicest people out there.

Madeira combines the unique secluded and quiet air of the island with Portuguese tradition and European identity and you will love the mix! Spring in Madeira is warm, with temperatures often going well above 15 degrees Celsius sometimes reaching 20 degrees. However, it can get a bit windy and it rains quite often – actually we need to be honest on this and admit that Madeira Island gets quite a bit of rain, like all islands actually do.

You probably won’t get to wear your bikinis very often at the beach, but shorts and shirts are definitely something you should pack. Someone once described spring in Madeira quite brilliantly: it’s a bit like a summer vacation in Britain.

Spring is a good time to visit Madeira for other reasons as well. One of them is expenses, which are way more reduced during the low season. You can find all services at considerable lower rates and the island will be much more quiet and peaceful than in the months of summer. You can rent a car in Madeira or book some Funchal airport transfers online to enjoy your stay even more.



by Madeira Airport Transfer