Spend New Year’s Eve in Madeira

Spend New Year’s Eve in Madeira

Have you ever considered spending the winter holidays in a warm, sunny place? If this idea sounds appealing – a change from the cold weather and the heavy snow – we suggest you spend New Year’s Eve in Madeira, the island where spring is eternal. Here’s why!

Madeira Island is an autonomous region belonging to Portugal, but the truth is the archipelago is located two times closer to Africa than it is to Europe. No wonder temperature averages in Madeira is January are around 17 degrees Celsius. If you can stand the rain – which is a quite common occurrence – you can spend a warm and pleasant Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Madeira.

The locals in Madeira are Christians (mostly Catholics), so despite the exotic setting, Madeira Island celebrates Christmas and the coming of the New Year just as the rest of the Christian world. Around the winter holidays, the capital city of the island, Funchal, dresses in festive, colorful “clothes” of lights and garlands. The amazing Christmas decoration rival those of the greatest European capital cities.

Take into account the fact that people in Madeira are considered the kindest of people and you will be sure to enjoy the warm, intimate atmosphere even more. But perhaps above all Madeira attracts thousands of visitors all over the world for the world-renowned fireworks display that sets the island’s skies on fire on New Year’s Eve.

The scene is Funchal Bay, where you can get on a cruise ship if you want to join in the entertainment and welcome the New Year with a glass of champagne and a smile on your face. The setting is really quite romantic, so it is an excellent choice for a couple’s holiday.

Transportation in Madeira shouldn’t be an issue, but you should take a moment to book a Madeira airport transfer or to rent a car in Funchal.



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