Madeira: Wonderful Place, Wonderful People

Madeira cuisine

Contrary to popular belief, Madeira is not just an exotic island. Its volcanic origin is accountable for the existence of high mountains. If you are planning to hike along the 2000 km of Levadas, don’t forget to put on appropriate shoes!

The hike leading to the summit of Pico Ruivo requires a considerable amount of physical effort, but you will be well rewarded by the breathtaking view of the island from up above.

Due to its climate, Madeira is a tourist attraction to be considered all year-long, but the period May-June and September-October offers the best chance to enjoy the island without the inherent crowd and hassle. To get around the island easily and stress-free, you are advised to use either a car rental service or a reliable Madeira airport transfer as a means of transportation.


Enjoy the rhythm of the island life during the festivals held here annually, such as the Flowers Festival and the Carnival. People here are friendly and relax and maintain a general atmosphere of joy and harmony. And there are unique experiences you can try: for example in Terrairo da Luta, next to the church at the height of Funchal, you can enjoy a fun ride. You can descend to the capital city in a quite peculiar vehicle: a huge wicker basket carried by two men!


Even though you can of course go for various types of meat – usually coming in the form of pellets – Madeira is the perfect place to try all dishes of fish. The local delicacies – seafood, fish swords and tuna steaks – are accompanied by fried corn. For dessert, do try the honey cake (bolo de mel)! And naturally, all should be washed down with a drop of Madeira wine.

Legacy and crafts

Local handicrafts provide the same options as mainland Portugal – like pottery – but there are particularly beautiful works of embroidery or lace made by true masters you can only find here. The shops here are open from 9 AM to 13 PM and from 15 AM to 19 PM on weekdays and from 9 AM to 13 PM on Saturdays.

Visit the place, meet the people and enjoy the life of Madeira in your fairy-tale trip!



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