Madeira in opening the first beach for the blind

Madeira in opening the first beach for the blind

The locals of the Island of the Eternal Spring are said to be the kindest people in the world. Their recent concern with the independence and well-being of people suffering from a disability is another proof of this general perception, as Madeira in opening the first beach for the blind just next week.

The Madeira beach of Praia Formosa will provide an orientation system that will enable visually impaired tourists to swim freely and safely in the waters of the ocean and also benefit from assistance in case of an emergency, while being in the water.

The system actually activates a sound signal whenever the blind swimmer finds himself beyond the safe area, marked by a series of buoys. There are 5 bracelets currently available, all provided with buttons that inform the location and permit the sightless swimmer to ask for help in case of an issue. This will do much to enable the blind travelers and locals and offer them a hard-earned moment of autonomy.

The system cost around 50.000 EUR and is part of the Funchal ‘Orçamento Participativo’, an initiative that enabled locals to promote their own projects. So we believe the islanders do deserve a big round of applause for such an altruistic initiative.

People with mobility issues and elderly people will also benefit from this French system which will be implemented in Portugal, Madeira for the first time. Especially the elderly will benefit from ramps and easy access to the beach.

The ideal that everyone should enjoy life to the full, regardless of their abilities or disabilities is a salutary one, and something we admire. For even more accessibility, any traveler to Madeira Island can choose to rent a car in Funchal or to book a Madeira airport transfer for their convenience, comfort and in order to enjoy an even better travel experience.



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