Madeira Events in September 2014

Madeira Events in September 2014

September might be the beginning of autumn everywhere throughout the world, but it is still spring in Madeira: the island of the eternal spring. And what a happy time it is, with all the Madeira Events in September 2014 you simply can not miss!

September makes its debut in force, with the Wine Festival covering the first week of the month. People all around are welcome to taste the exquisite bouquet of the Madeira wine, but also take a sip of other varieties of Portuguese wine on display. The Wine Festival is nevertheless not just getting drunk on considerable amounts of wine; it begins with a live grape harvest at Estreito de Camara de Lobos and continues with celebrations that include food, dances, folklore music and exhibits.

September is also marked by two religious festivals: Festival of Senhor Bom Jesus held in Ponta Delgada and Nossa Senhora da Piedade (Festival of Our Lady of Mercy), which takes place in Caniçal from 15th to 16th of September.

And in the second half of the month, you are welcome to other wonderful celebrations, as the Columbus Festival in Porto Santo Island occupies 3 full cheerful days: 18, 19 and 20. The festival celebrates the famous navigator Christopher Columbus and his discovery of life in Madeira in the 15th century, the great Age of Portuguese discoveries. There are street parades, exhibitions and music. Columbus’ ties to Madeira, however, were special and strong particularly due to his marriage to Filipa Moniz, the daughter of the first captain-donee of Porto Santo. The Columbus couple lived here for a few years at the end of the 15th century, and their first son, Diogo, was born on the island.

Ponta do Pargo hosts one of the last great events of September 2014 between 20 and 21 September: the Apple Festival. This outdoor extremely popular festival brings together people from the island and its surrounding region, all eager to taste the delicious flavour of apples that are unique in the world!

So hesitate no more: come to Madeira and join in the fun!



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