Madeira Events in December 2014

Madeira Events in December 2014

Would you believe it that, even in the Island of the Eternal Spring, winter is coming? Today we already get to talk about Madeira Events in December 2014.

Don’t get too scared though: winter is not the Frozen land of the North in the idyllic environment of the Island of Madeira. Temperatures don’t drop below 15 degrees Celsius in December on the island, with medium temperatures of 17-18 degrees (and above). It is rainy, however, but just around half the time. So though sunbathing might be a bad idea, you can still visit the island and participate in the dozens of exciting events on the December calendar.

Here are a few Madeira Events in December 2014:

Fireworks are a trademark of Madeira Island. So are Christmas lights, as the archipelago dresses in festive shiny robe on December 8th, when the colorful lights are switched on and the decorations for the year are inaugurated. Everybody is invited to this merry display. The program of cultural events is busy, with folk music, arts and crafts displays, food and culture. The party actually lasts until January 6th, when lights go off and we start waiting for next year’s Christmas.

After a beautiful, cosy Christmas, prepare for the Sao Silvestre Race around Funchal. This is an annual event held on December 28th and represents the oldest race in the history of Portugal and the entire Europe. It attracts thousands of athletes from all corners of the world.

Guess what happens on the last day of December? That’s right: the Grand Madeira Firework Display. Just as the clock strikes 12 at midnight in Funchal City Center, the sky is on fire with marvelous carousels of light, explosions of colour and enthusiastic laughter of people welcoming the new year.

This is definitely worth witnessing, so the logical next step is: book your tickets and airport transfers and get ready!



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