Lover’s Day and other happy Madeira events

Lover’s Day and other happy Madeira events

Dear friends, it’s been awhile since the Island of the Eternal Spring shone in the bright light of fireworks as we stepped into the new year. But today we want to smile and think about nice future thoughts, such as Lover’s Day and other happy Madeira events this coming February.

Let’s see what February 2016 has in store for us!

Though, as it happens, Valentine’s Day is celebrated in mid-February (so technically while it’s still winter), lovers and youthful love conjures up the idea of spring and sun and warmth. And what better place to celebrate all that than an island where spring never leaves? This February 14th, take your lover by the hand and go on a lovely Madeira tour exploring the luxuriant Laurisilva, the calm and beautiful Funchal and kissing in the sunset, by the ocean.

But before Valentine’s Day, there is another colorful and happy event that marks the month of February in Madeira. The famous Madeira Carnival is scheduled between the 3rd and the 10th of February 2016 and promises music, dance and a lot of verve, all in Rio style! Samba dancing bands will entice you to join in and move your hips, while the hilarious Trapalhao Parade will fill the town with locals (and visitors) wearing the most outlandish of costumes. When you’ve had enough dancing and singing and you want to escape to the quiet haven of your hotel, you can do so swiftly if you’ve got a car from Funchal car hire.

With dates yet to be confirmed, the Festival of Wine, Embroidery and Handicrafts concludes a happy and busy February in Madeira. Ceramics, paintings, tapestry and embroidery, along with other handicrafts are part of the traditional heritage of the Island and local producers will come to exhibit their work in this biennial event.



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