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ponta do sol

Welcome to the beautiful Madeira, one of the most beautiful and charming holiday locations!
Located about 950 km from mainland Portugal, most of the islands in the archipelago of Madeira (consisting of 7 islands) have a very pleasant subtropical climate where you will be able to discover beautiful landscapes and much more!
If you are looking for a never-ending adventure with unforgettable memories, amazing places to visit, outstanding landscapes and very warm and welcoming people, Madeira is the perfect getaway which sums all these qualities!
Apart from the incredible beauty of this island, you will also be able to discover its wine, its exquisite cuisine, its traditions and rich culture.
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Madeira is probably best known export for its famous Madeira wine. It owes a lot of its success to the primitive shipping conditions of the 17th century as, when being transported to the New World, Madeira wine passed through the Tropics and got baked in the intense sun.
This produced a soft, deep and pleasant burnt quality. Nowadays the wine is heated in stainless steel vats, but it still produces the same rich flavour, be it a dry or sweet variety.

One of the most attractive locations of Madeira are the cliffs of Cabo Girao, which represent some of the words’s highest cliffs with a near vertical drop of over 500m down to the Atlantic Ocean’s wild waters.
The Cabo Girão Skywalk is the highest cliff skywalk in Europe, located on top of the cabo Girão Cliff in Madeira Island. The skywalk opened in late October 2012 and is similar to the one in America’s Grand Canyon – both are made of transparent glass to provide stunning views to visitors
Cabo Girão is a popular lookout point, with up to 1800 visitors a day and it definitely cannot be missed during you staying in the exotic Madeira!

Located 18 km from Funchal, Ponta do Sol hosts one of the best preserved historical centres on Madeira. Cais da Ponta do Sol and Ponte do Caminho Real, two platforms over the sea, are a must-see for any visitor.
Ponta do Sol (literally ”Sun Point”) is, as the name already implies, a mesmerizing region where you will find more sun throughout the year than in any other part of the island. It boasts breathtaking landscapes and encompasses the three parishes Ponta do Sol, Canhas and Madalena do Mar.
Just offshore of Ponta do Sol divers can visit the wreck of the Bowbelle, a gravel dredging boat that once operated on London’s river Thames. This is the notorious boat that collided with the Marchioness in 1989. It was subsequently sold to a company in Madeira, where during a storm it sank off the coast and now diving schools make trips to this area.

Pico do Arieiro, at 1,818 m high, is Madeira Island’s third highest peak. Most days, visitors can stand and look down on the clouds. The air is fresh and clear and the sun is very bright. On a clear day it is possible to see the neighbouring island of Porto Santo, 30 miles to the northeast.
The viewpoint is the start of the famous hiking route: Pico do Arieiro to Pico Ruivo, which is one of the world’s best day hikes. Pico do Arieiro is worth visiting for its breathtaking landscape amazing sunsets, sunrises, and of course, for the purpose of hiking.
For the astrophotographers lovers, due to the little light pollution this far up in the mountains, Pico do Arieiro is a great place for astrophotography and for witnessing the full moon.

Of course, the most popular location is Funchal, the largest city of Madeira with 100.000 residents, which is known for its handicrafts, wine and pleasant climate. In addition to the fabulous historic centre, you can also enjoy the unique Street Art of Rua da Santa Maria, the very well known Farmer’s Market, the famous Monte Cable Car and the Se Cathedral. This blooming city also offers some of the most beautiful gardens and views in the world, amazing architecture, fascinating buildings and friendly people who will always know how to welcome you.

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