Live the Calheta Madeira dream !


Welcome to Calheta, one of the most beautiful and enchanting places from Madeira Island, surrounded by deep crystal waters and mysterious nature hidden in the heart of the North Atlantic Ocean.
Calheta , which actually means “small beach” in Portuguese is the most important town in southwestern Madeira and is one of the oldest parishes of the island and first to be explored by the primitive colonizers.
Calheta is known for its spectacular landscapes, breathtaking nature and vegetation , golden sands and the wide variety of fish to be found in its dazzling coastal waters.

The 116 square km area of the Calheta Municipality represents the host of the most fascinating places and entertaining activities, as well as the most spectacular views where lots of people are coming to witness and to be charmed year after year.
This amazing mixture of golden and grey sands location, which find its roots in the establishment of the volcanic mountains, is the perfect place to combine all types of activities such as going out for long walks, while enjoying the ocean breeze and the friendly never-sleeping sun or discovering marvellous places, filled with history and a mysterious ancient touch.
You can also discover the other side of Calheta, artsy and bohemian, surrounded by amazing events , traditional fairs, where you can relax and simply enjoy the inner sound of yourself.
The museums, secret places of the island, forgotten corners of art and history might make you believe you ended up in a whole different world.
For those overwhelmed by the exotic beauty of the island, there are some major interesting places to visit and things to do:

  • Art Gallery of Prazeres dedicated to the promotion and diffusion of Plastic Arts represents a project designed to develop cultural traditions in the local population and it’s one of the most attractive and visited places from the island, where people can develop and rediscover their creative senses.
  • Casa das Mudas Arts Centre is also a famous new art center located at the edge of a cliff overlooking the sea and gathers worldwide tourists to enjoy its beauty and unique architecture. This internationally acclaimed building is a setting for exhibitions, musical performances, plays, and conferences.
  • Moreover, as a tribute to the island’s historical and cultural treasures , the Sugar Cane Factory is the place you can find some of the oldest sugar cane mills on the island of Madeira.
  • As for the spiritual side, apart from these peaceful places, meant to bring closer meditation and peace of mind, as well as balance and selflessness, you can also take joy in visiting the Mother Church of the Holy Spirit classified as a heritage building that retains rich artistic, religious and architectural features.
  • The local activities during the day are playing with marine animals , enjoying sparkling beaches where you can admire the clarity and dancing waves of the ocean, while “Swimming with the dolphins” or just joining the spectacle of “Whale and Dolphin Watching”.

You can also go hiking or biking in the rocky mountains, which seems to perfectly embrace the wild ocean and vegetation. Levada Nova and Levada do Risco are two of the most visited and preferred roads by people in order to fully explore and have the experience of the island.

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After a challenging and unforgettable day, you can delight yourself with the best food and the most daring specialties of the island, where all the flavors seem to be gathered in one place and that is Calheta Madeira.
If you still want to discover all the secret wonders of the island, you can enjoy the moonlight revealing the spectacular reflux at the end of a wonderful day.

Calheta Madeira is secretly one of the seven marvels of the world. If you want to discover it, stop reading, pack your bags, jump in the first airplane and come to live it!



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