Here are some of the best October 2018 events in Madeira


Autumn is a great time to visit the Island of the Eternal Spring, because after all, spring lives forever here, so here are some of the best October 2018 events in Madeira.

Really, you would never need more reasons to come to the island of Madeira and this is considering that anytime is a great time to be on this fascinating and unique place. But if you need another incentive, know that there are events galore to attend during the second month of autumn here.

Beginning on October 2nd and ending only on the 7th, the Madeira Nature Festival (or the Madeira World Games) is an event organized courtesy of the Madeira Tourism Board. This annual festival aims at putting the island on the travel map and establishing it as a leading European destination for all people willing to explore nature in all its forms and enjoy all the outdoorsy activities available in such a complex and diverse environment. There is entertainment for all ages and walks of life, from trekking to paragliding, sailing and open air activities.

Year after year, Madeira celebrates its croops and the natural products of the island. Festa da Maca will take place again this year in Camacha. The traditional Apple Festival will be celebrated with a lot of fun, folklore entertainment and dancing. The Apple Cider will pour as well and the tourists will be invited to join the locals for a lot of fun.

If you get a Funchal car hire you can drive through the island and come back to Funchal or wherever else it is that you are lodged in time to enjoy all the fun.

And also let’s not forget you can find a pumpkin or two in Madeira to celebrate Halloween on October 31st to end the month with a round of trick or treating.



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