An eventful October 2014 in Madeira

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While most of the world breathes a sigh of regret for the coming of autumn, it is still erm… summery in the Island of the Eternal Spring, as we prepare for an eventful October 2014 in Madeira.

The first important festival that marks the coming of October, between 3-5.10.2014, is Festa da Maca, organized in the rural area of Camacha. This Apple Festival has all the ingredients for a good Portuguese parties, with food, dance, exhibitions, parades and of course, apples. Color and perfumes fill the atmosphere. And did you think the French are the only ones who can make a good Cider? Well, think again and taste the freshly squeezed Madeiran apple cider here!

One of the greatest October 2014 events is the Madeira Nature Festival. Scheduled between the 7th and the 12th of October, the festival aims at unraveling the natural and cultural legacy of Madeira. In a landscape dominated by mountains and valleys and the gentle waves of the endless Atlantic Ocean, everyone is invited to join in the fun and reflect on the beauty of the natural wilderness of the amazing island.

On October 9th, Machico hosts the Lord of Miracles Festival (Festa do Senhor dos Milagres). It is one of the most important religious festivals of the city, hosted by one of the oldest of Madeiran chapels, the Chapel of Senhor dos Milagres. The celebration is marked by a procession and followed by celebrations with food, drinks and traditional entertainment.

Halloween (popularly known as The Feast of All Saints, or The Feast of All the Hollow throughout the world) originated in Ireland and Scotland, an ancient pagan celebration that would later evolve into the most popular celebration in the world. On October 31st, Madeira too says “Happy Halloween” and dresses in spooky costumes while hunting for candy.

So there is plenty to do and enjoy in Madeira for the coming month. And if you need transport, you know already” rent a car in Madeira or trust a reliable transfer.



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