Enjoy winter in the beautiful Madeira!

madeira winter

This is indeed the most wonderful time of the year! While the cold and snow announced their presence almost all over the world, the summer is still young in Madeira, one of the most beautiful and fascinating islands from the world!

Madeira is famous for its warm, subtropical climate and astonishing landscapes, which will definitely make you fall in love!
The island is visited all year long by active travelers and adventurous people who seek for outdoor activities, discoveries of new places, relaxing times with family and friends, and of course unforgettable moments in lovely places with fascinating views!
That’s why Madeira is the perfect winter sun holiday destination – the weather is fantastic all year round, so the island isn’t any less lively.

For surfers, this is the best time to enjoy Portuguese waves. Waves usually are better during this time of the year, all around the island. Another reason why surfing in Madeira is better during these seasons is the absence of the crowds.

In Madeira, whales and dolphins can be observed all year around. May to October is the best season for the observation of these animals, but the winter can be more special. In fact, between November and February, the number of cetacean species around the Madeira Archipelago is smaller, but we can find some very special species. The Short-finned Pilot Whale, Common Bottlenose Dolphin and Short-beaked Common Dolphins are the most sighted species during the winter.

There are many more reasons to visit Madeira. You won’t regret it! Madeira has won the ”Europe’s Leading Island Destination 2019” at the 25th World Travel Awards. Madeira has won the award for four consecutive years – 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016 .

The best way to experience Madeira is to walk, admire and live its truly pure and fresh spirit. There are many walking and hiking routes to follow on the island and the cooler weather will make even the hardest treks a lot easier! If you are up for a challenge, you simply must climb Arieiro and Ruivo – two of the highest peaks on Madeira. The views are definitely worth all the sweat and hard work.

Funchal is the capital of Portugal’s Madeira Archipelago and is often referred to as the “Flower City” for its scenic beauty. It is famous for its harbors, colorful gardens, and Madeira wine cellars.
Along with this marvellous attracting places, the market of Funchal is one of the top rated places you wouldn’t want to miss, especially during winter!

One of the most memorable things to do in Funchal is to spend a morning at the colorful and animated farmers market. Located east of the Se, this is the island’s largest market, where stallholders sell huge bunches of flowers and a vast array of fresh fruit and vegetables in a handsome Art Deco hall. An assortment of fish and seafood landed the same day lures shoppers to the basement – tuna and espada (scabbardfish) are favorite purchases. The first-floor is a warren of independent retail outlets specializing in local handicraft, wicker, and leatherwork. The market is at its busiest on Friday and Saturday mornings when farmers bring in their produce from surrounding villages.

Let’s not forget about the culture corner, which is constantly flourishnig in this corner of paradise and attracts thousand of visitors, eager to learn new amazing things about this beautiful place.

Funchal’s Sacred Art Museum enjoys a stately presence in the former bishop’s palace, a building dating from 1600. The rich cache of rare paintings and statues, illuminated books, and gold-embroidered vestments are arranged chronologically between the 15th and 19th centuries over two floors.
The exhibits reflect the propensity of Madeiran merchants to spend profits generated from the island’s lucrative sugar trade on commissioning works of religious art to secure their salvation in the afterlife.
The palace itself is of considerable architectural merit and the museum offers a quiet and contemplative diversion.

Come and enjoy the marvels of this treasure island with your family and friends, always counting on Madeira Airport Transfer!




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