Discover Porto Santo’s attractions


Porto Santo is one of the two populated islands that make up Madeira, an archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean, just off the west coast of Africa, famous for its beautiful and enormous golden sandy beach.
Although the island of Porto Santo is only 42.17 km2, it has a lot of beautiful things to offer!

Despite its name, Vila Baleira is Porto Santo’s only town of around 5500 people and it’s adorned with beautiful streets lined with palm trees.
If you decide to visit this place, you cannot miss Christopher Columbus’ former house in Vila Baleira, which represents the island’s main cultural reference.
Casa Museu houses a small museum. Besides several information boards about the history of Porto Santo, with English translations available, you’ll have the chance to see artifacts, maps, navigation instruments and charts from the 16th and 17th centuries.

Considered the highest point in Porto Santo, Pico Facho is 516 metres high. Due to the geographic position of the island and the high altitude,if pirate ships were seen, bonfires (fachos) were made here to warn the rest of the archipelago and the island of Madeira in order to be prepared if an attack was initiated.

Another of Porto Santo’s viewpoints, Pico do Castelo (Castle Peak) is at 437 metres high, where you can take a walk up to the top, admire the gorgeous landscape and breathe the salty ocean air. The views of the island and the ocean will definitely worth the effort.
Although there was never a castle there, the name is due to the fact that it was one of the places where the island’s inhabitants took refuge when pirate attacks ocurred.

Not far, Ana Ferreira Peak is 280 metres (918 feet) high. From here you can see the Facho and Castelo Peaks. You can also admire the basalt columns, probably the most beautiful geological formations on Porto Santo Island.

Before leaving this lovely island, you have to stop at Porto Santo Beach, where you can have a great time, enjoying the sunny weather , swimming and getting tanned. Located 4 km from Vila Baleira, the beach, as the whole of Porto Santo’s sand strip, is reputedly known for its therapeutic effects.

Enjoy the beautiful places of this fascinating island with your family and friends, trying new experiences and creating unforgettable memories!




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