December in Madeira: the complete calendar – Part 2


If we’ve already been talking about December in Madeira: the complete calendar will bring you close to the end of December this time as we explore some entertainment options and the greatest events to attend in Madeira after Christmas.

So here is all you should know that is interesting to explore on the great Island of the Eternal Spring this December 2018.
December 28th 2018 is the epic day of the Sao Silvestre Race in Madeira and its surroundings. Its history goes back to 1958, when the Athletics Association and the Region of Madeira first organized this event. Since then, it has thrived into a local tradition as one of the oldest and most prestigious races in Portugal and actually in the whole of Europe. About 2000 contestants of all nationalities and ages come here year after year to compete most amicably. The event entails several events starting with the Wheelchair race, followed by the Health March and the races. This is an exciting event for all those who decide to participate, so if you have the opportunity, you really should go for it!
In recent years, Madeira has also become famous for its spectacular fireworks display on New Year’s Eve. So this year on December 31st, prepare to join the thousands of people that gather on the bay to see the sky alight as if by day time in the middle of the night. This is a wonderful opportunity to relish in the opportunity to explore the city and get its true and authentic feel.
This is a great opportunity to also take your time to visit the city and its surroundings more in depth.
If you rent a car in Madeira, you will enjoy all the freedom of movement that you may need to achieve this and much more.



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