The best Madeira events in May 2015 – Part 2

The best Madeira events in May 2015 - Part 2

Dearest friends, everybody happily enjoys the beauties and happiness of spring on the Island of the Eternal Spring, and last time we covered the best Madeira events in May 2015 for the first part of the month. Well, today we meet again to deal with the second half of the month.

If the first half of May in Madeira is occupied by the Worker’s Day, the Sao Tiago Menor Festival, classic auto shows and the Lemon festival, let’s see where we can go and what can we do in Madeira next:

If we celebrated lemons, it was only fair to celebrate other fruits and vegetables, so that they don’t feel neglected. Therefore, in Canico, between the 13th and 17th of May, you are invited to the Festa da Cebola, the Onion Festival. The onion may look a bit trivial from the outside, but in fact it plays an important role in the agriculture in Madeira. The festival celebrates onions and the farmers who grow and sell them in a display of parades, flowers and music. Food and drink are also provided, making it a most popular event!

If the month started so well, with a day off, continued so fun, with so many festivals and entertainment, it was only logical to end with another great celebration: the Funchal Cathedral Festivals, or Festas da Se, typical street parties; in Madeira, they are called arreial. The streets are festively decorated and the local restaurants and taverns offer a wide variety of traditional dishes and beverages. Entertainment virtually never ends and the celebrations continue well into summer.

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