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Enjoy the most beautiful moments in Madeira!


1. Monte Toboggan
The Madeira Botanical Garden has a view of Funchal. When you’re done exploring these gardens, you don’t have to go down the stairs by yourself. In its stead, you may experience the Monte Toboggan Run.
Nobility have been using this kind of transportation extensively since the mid-1800s. At the top, you’ll find a wicker basket with two seats that slides down the mountain on wooden runners.
The basket will be pushed and directed by two guys dressed in the traditional all-white outfit, complete with a straw hat and rubber shoes that act as brakes!

2. The caves of Sao Vicente
The Sao Vicente Caves were created by a volcanic explosion around 890,000 years ago. The inside of the lava flow took longer to cool than the exterior. Numerous lava tubes were produced as a result, and since the 1990s, several of these have been accessible to the public.
Walking through these amazing underground caves and seeing the Volcano Center are included in the ticket charge. This excellent set of displays explains more about the geological formation of Madeira’s amazing terrain and volcanic activity.

3. The natural pools of Porto Moniz
Located near the island’s northwest tip lies Porto Moniz, a popular location for its delicious honey and sugar cane cake. You should explore the area’s natural pools in addition to the bakeries.
The water in these naturally occurring swimming pools comes from the sea and was created by the cooling of volcanic lava. Since the pool’s salt water is constantly changing, you’re swimming in brand-new water. You can utilize the facilities, which include showers and lockers, even though the pools are natural.

4. Pico Ruivo
Pico Ruivo is Madeira’s tallest peak, rising to a height of 1862 meters. It is accessible on foot by following a designated trail. There are two options: the easiest to get to takes two hours, while the more difficult one takes four to six hours.
Once at the top, you’ll be treated to a breathtaking panorama of Madeira Island and the neighboring peaks. It takes one hour to drive from Funchal to the hike’s beginning location.

5. Monte Palace Gardens
The hilltop location of Monte Palace Gardens offers a view of Funchal Bay. Take a charming cable car ride to the top of the hill to explore the gardens’ impressive tile collection, unique Asian patterns, rich biodiversity, and fascinating museum.
Originally a stunning mansion from the eighteenth century, the garden was eventually converted into an opulent hotel. José Berardo, a Madeiran businessman, bought the hotel in the 1980s to realize his vision of a tropical public park. The climate of Madeira makes it possible for both native and exotic plants to flourish in a garden.
Wander around the grounds and take in the tile collection set among the lush tropical plants. These tile fragments, which are mostly from the 15th to 20th century, were collected from churches, palaces and private homes.

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