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Enjoy the most beautiful winter holiday in Madeira!

madeira 2024

1. Enjoy the Christmas lights
The Christmas lights display will run from December 1st through January 7th, from 18:00 to 1:00.
There’s no better way to kick off the holiday season than with Funchal’s official light turn on on December 1st.
Static displays, a kid-friendly winter wonderland in the municipal park, cabins offering an abundance of delicacies and live performances by choirs, folklore groups and philharmonic bands abound in the capital.
This year, Praça do Povo and Praia Formosa beaches will host bumper cars, carousels, rides and circus acts, offering enjoyable family entertainment.

2. Savor the Market Nights
Popular events known as “Market Nights” are held in and around each municipality’s local markets, where seasonal goods like flowers, exotic fruits, candies and liqueurs are typically offered.
The most well-known is the Mercado dos Lavradores Market Night in Funchal, which takes place on December 23rd. The market’s surrounding streets are congested with traffic this evening as people take advantage of the chance to socialize, dance, listen to live music and do their last-minute Christmas shopping.

3. Take part in “Missas do Parto”
Nine holy masses, known as the “Missas do Parto” are celebrated in anticipation of Jesus’ birth between December 16 and December 24 at the crack of dawn, usually between five and seven in the morning.
The masses are held in the churchyards, where there are traditional chants and a joyous ambiance. Both the faithful and guests are provided with refreshments. While the “Missas do Parto” are held at all the churches on the island, it’s recommended Sé Catedral, Igreja do Monte and Igreja de São Martinho.

4. Go see the scenes of nativity
The Madeiran people have long treasured the custom of displaying nativity scenes in their homes, churches and public areas. Nativity scenes can be classified as either “em rochinha” or “em escadinha.”
The latter mimics the island’s topography, featuring mountains, valleys, fajãs (flat areas close to the coast) and a cave that is decorated with fruits, houses, churches and nativity figures.
While nativity scenes can be found all over the island, it’s especially suggested visiting the ones at Jardim Municipal, Mercado dos Lavradores and Jardim Botânico.

5. Discover December New Year’s Eve fireworks
The 31st December New Year’s Eve firework display dazzles and excites spectators both domestically and internationally, capping up December and the year in a flood of color, excitement and music.
There will be 61 fireworks posts this year, five on the ocean, 25 on the city’s waterfront and 29 in the Funchal amphitheater. Each post will last eight minutes and include accompanying music.
This year’s new launching locations include the Amparo Garden (Jardim do Amparo), the Ponta Gorda Bathing Complex and the Praia Formosa Promenade and the area north of it. On Porto Santo Island, there will be two posts as well.

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