New Year’s Eve in Madeira



Winter is coming – and we don’t only mean to remind you of the TV series. Winter in the Western world means a lot of things, most of them revolving around Christmas and the winter season. And I know a reason or two why thousands of people will choose to spend New Year’s Eve in Madeira this year.

After a long autumn and little free days for most people, everybody is feeling tired and really, really eager for a new vacation. Winter is Christmas and New Year’s Eve time and of course, most of us are lucky enough to plan a few days of holidays as well.

One of the most beautiful spots in all of Europe is actually set hundreds of miles away from continental Europe, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, virtually closer to Africa than the Old Continent. And yet it is one of the most charming spots, an idyllic island populated by gentle, kind Portuguese people who made the island their home long ago. Everybody who comes here will tell you they also do a really good job at making the place home for all visitors as well.

Madeira lives off tourism for the most part. Why people crowd to “The Island of the Eternal Spring” (as it is nicknamed) throughout the year is quite evident. But what would one do on an exotic island in winter?

The truth of the matter is that, for the New Year, most people come here to witness the largest fireworks display. Spending the day between the years here is truly magical. And there is another perk: you might even enjoy the weather, which is rainy indeed, but never as freezing as it can get in the Northern and Central side of Europe, for instance.

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by Madeira Airport Transfer