Madeira Events in July

Madeira Events in July

As we enter the second month of summer, there are countless things to look forward to away from the world, on this amazing little island of beauty, so here is our list of the best Madeira Events in July.

The first day of July brings glee and pride to Madeira, as we all come outdoors to celebrate the autonomy of the region. Political independence from Portugal was granted Madeira in 1976 and stipulated in the Constitution, so there are public and private celebrations to attend and families organize picnics and dine together in a warm friendly atmosphere.

Also at the beginning of July, Porto Moniz celebrates the Semana do Mar (the Week of the Sea), where dances are held, aquatic sports are practiced and traditional music and food are present for all to enjoy.

Music is big in Madeira, so from the 3rd to the 5th of July, you are our guest of honor in the Funchal Jazz Festival. The capital city of Madeira hosts this great cultural event, welcoming the most famous jazz artists in the world in a celebration that will alert your senses and enrich you.

The Festa da Lapa can be counted among the more… eccentric July celebrations in Madeira. Held between the 18th and the 20th of July, this festivity is meant to honor limpets, which have apparently been essential in the primordial economy of the island. The famous Madeiran grilled limpets are served at the countless restaurants and taverns in an exotic landscape.

That rather strange celebration is closely followed by the Festa da Banana, which, predictably enough celebrates… that’s right: bananas! This fruit is thriving in Madeira and the locals feel they must pay tribute to its flavour as well in a colourful display of general joy.

The month of July ends with another great event: Rali Vinho da Madeira (or the European Rally Championship) is perhaps the year’s greatest automobile celebration, as cars are exhibited on the streets of the island and competitors gather to compete on the winding roads.

If the Madeira Events in July have captured your interest, we welcome you to come join us! Be sure you have a reliable means of transportation also, either a rental car or a Madeira transfer, at your disposal, to make your stay stress-free and great!



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