Last minute New Year’s Eve trip to Madeira

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For those of you who were not very quick to plan a great winter getaway, there is hope for spending the New Year in the beautiful and exotic island of Madeira. There are promises of spring even in winter at this point, so go ahead and plan your last minute New Year’s Eve trip to Madeira!

New Year’s Eve in Madeira is a beautiful opportunity to witness the greatest fireworks display. Some people would even go as far as to say that this is the most beautiful and dramatic in the world, with the way the entire ocean bay of Funchal comes alight every year. That is precisely why, every year, thousands of people rent a car in Madeira every time and come to see this breathtaking display.

A great opportunity while visiting Madeira during winter is to see the general splendor devoid of all the hustle and bustle. To this end, you can book a Madeira tour and enjoy an entire day out on the island.

The fun does not stop after we celebrate the coming of the new year. On January 5th, you are invited to join in the Cantar os Reis celebration. Singing of the Kings is a very old tradition which consists of singing carols and enjoying a prolonged New Year’s celebration. It is a chance to mingle with the people and to enjoy the presence of your friends and neighbours.

Later on, on January 15th, Santa Cruz celebrates the Santo Amaro Festival. This pretty much marks the end of the Christmas and holiday season. This is the time to take down lapinhas and decorations. But this is not a sad moment, as it is celebrated as a festive day.

And on the last Sunday of January, the ‘Panelo’ Festival in Chão da Ribeira do Seixal is celebrated. 



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