Here are some great things to do in Madeira this November 2018 – Part 1


Here are some great things to do in Madeira this November 2018: a quick guide to the events calendar in your favorite place: the Island of the Eternal Spring.

Late autumn is still a perfect time to visit Madeira Island, with the mild weather and the amazingly fascinating nature to enjoy at any time of the year. And in case you were thinking autumn might be gray and boring, you couldn’t be more wrong. There are plenty of events scheduled for the coming weeks, so here are a few you could enjoy:

Madeira International Bridge Open is scheduled to cover the first twelve days of the month (1-12 November 2018). It is the largest such event of the year, an annual tournament that welcomes some of the greatest experts in bridge to the island of wonder. There are matches, tours and discussions about this exciting activity.

Madeira tours are of course available to non bridge players. You can actually book this kind of distraction online and you will have a great time exploring the highlights of the island.

Sponsored by the regional government, the Madeira Film Festival is an event that is scheduled to take place between the 14th and the 20th of November this year at the Baltazar Dias Municipal Theatre. The aim of this event is to promote both independent films and local tourism. This makes for an interesting blend, so you are welcome to stop by if you are just as curious as I am.

The Saint Martin Festival is a religious celebration scheduled for November 11th. Taking place in the church that bears the name of the saint, the festival pays tribute to the legendary saint. Saint Martin de Tour is said to have been a Roman soldier who, chancing upon a beggar one day, offered him half of his coat. His gesture of kindness was welcomed by God with good weather and a warming sun.




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