Funchal Airport Transfers to Camara Lobos

When you’re planning a trip to Camara Lobos, Madeira, there are obviously lots of things to look into and take into consideration, one of the more important ones being transportation and their costs; and while affordable air travel isn’t that hard to find nowadays once you’re there you’ll also need some form of transportation to take you from the airport to Camara Lobos and that is where our Funchal Airport Transfers to Camara Lobos can come to lend you hand.

Funchal Airport Transfers to Camara Lobos

Funchal Airport Transfers to Camara Lobos

There are lots of advantages to employing our Funchal Airport Transfers to Camara Lobos one of the first ones that you’ll enjoy being the fact that you can book them online. All you have to do is to use our online form and then wait for a confirmation email from us, that’s about it, you’ll have your transfer to Camara Lobos taken care of. Not only this, but if you make an online booking then you’ll already be ahead in terms of finances because our online prices already include a ten percent discount from those that you would otherwise find if you wait to get a transfer once you’re on the ground in Madeira.

Taxi Camara Lobos Madeira

Camara Lobos Taxi Madeira

Once you’re at the airport another advantage of our Taxi Camara Lobos Madeira transfers comes into play because you won’t have to waste time waiting for or looking for your transfer. Our transfer drivers will be waiting for you at the airport once you land to guide you to your transfer vehicle and also give a hand with your luggage if you need it.


Map of Funchal airport to Camara Lobos

Funchal Airport Map to Camara Lobos




The distance from Funchal Airport to Camara Lobos is 25 Km and the estimate trip time is 24 min. 
IMPORTANT: Please consider this time when you make the booking for the return trip plus 2 hours before the departue time of your flight. 


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