Christmas is coming to Madeira!



Dear friends in search of your next travel destination, Christmas is coming to Madeira! This is a great reason to rejoice and celebrate and to remember that, as far as island life goes, Madeira is a greatly personal experience and a wonderful place to spend the winter season in a warm, traditional landscape.

If you were thinking that spending Christmas and the New Year in an exotic place, where the sound of jingle bells through the snow is… only available in children’s books might take the magic away, you are mistaken and lacking in imagination.

Here are some of the most beautiful all Madeira traditions that you will surely enjoy during your winter stay on the Island of the Eternal Spring (ironical as that might sound):

  • Nativity scenes are popular throughout the Catholic world. The Portuguese love them, so it’s the same with Madeirans. Moreover, the locals of the Island of Madeira have left their personal touch: nativity cribs here are built in two main styles: little rocks and staircases. They are referred to as “lapinha” and you will see a lot of them in town.
  • The Midnight Mass, held on Christmas Eve December 24th is called “Missa do Galo”. The rooster is a popular Portuguese symbol and in Madeira it is believed that a rooster was the first being to assist the Birth of Baby Jesus.
  • Madeirans also celebrate another important night: “A Noite do Mercado”. This “Market Night” has been held on every December 23rd and is the last opportunity for locals to purchase fresh food, fruits, vegetables, sweets, ornaments and all sorts of products before the holidays officially start. It’s a great opportunity to go shopping and have a great time while you are at it.

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by Madeira Airport Transfer