Best March 2016 Madeira events

Best March 2016 Madeira events

Let’s welcome spring in Madeira Island with the Best March 2016 Madeira events!

What better place to celebrate the revival of nature, the birth of hope and the happiness of saying goodbye to the cold season than on the Island of the Eternal Spring? Spring is, literally, the second nature of Madeira, if islands have that.

Spring begins gently in Madeira, with mild weather and sunny days; not to mention the countless flowers that cover the lush plains and decorate the streets of Funchal on special occasions. March also brings exciting events, two of which dominate the schedule:

The Cherimoya Fruit Festival (locally known as Festa da Anona) takes place among the beautiful, traditional houses in Faial, Santana. Cherimoya or custard-apple (or simply anona) is not only a fruit with many names, but also a widely celebrated symbol of Madeira. Attending the fair means sampling the sweet flavor of the fruit, dancing, eating and merrymaking. You can also take the opportunity and enjoy a Madeira tour around Santana, whose houses are a top attraction. The locals will welcome you with arms wide open and a luminous smile, so no need to worry about that!

The second March 2016 event not to be missed in Madeira is a celebration of nature that lasts a week (as the very name suggests): Madeira Forest and Tree Week. This annual event takes place in the Ecological Park of Funchal and is aimed at raising the awareness regarding the importance of forests in preserving a healthy world. If you want to make a difference, come plant a tree with us in the capital city of the Island of Madeira. Workshops, contests and various activities are also in store. The warm, happy Madeira sun is the guest of honor, so you’d better join in the fun!



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