A busy July 2015: best events in Madeira

A busy July 2015: best events in Madeira

It’s summer on the Island of the Eternal Spring and that only comes to enhance the fun and the hustle and bustle that gets everyone moving, dancing, enjoying life. It seems like we’re in for a busy July 2015: best events in Madeira:

The 1st of July is actually Madeira Day, so what better way to start the most hot and eventful month of summer on the island? Locals invite guests to join in the fun as they celebrate their autonomy from mainland Portugal, gained in the country’s 1976 Constitution. Picnics, street markets and music is what you should expect on this sunny day!

Waking up to a new day on the island the following day will be worth it, since the Funchal Jazz Festival begins on July 2nd and is to last until the 4th. Held annually in the Sta. Catarina Park, the festival is the meeting place for jazz lovers, famous artists and guests just passing by. Professional courses and workshops are also organized for the aficionados.

Most of the towns in Madeira used to be thriving fishing villages long ago, so there’s no wonder fishing has remained a traditional occupation – as well as a source of income – for the locals. The Madeira Big Game Fishing Championship is due to take place on July 4th. Professional fishermen will compete for the Blue Marlin World Cup, to be awarded to the one catching the largest… you’ve guessed it: Blue Marlin!

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