What’s up in Madeira this December?

What’s up in Madeira this December?

Traveling to the Island of the Eternal Spring… in winter can be a great and beautiful adventure, one you shouldn’t miss given the chance. What’s up in Madeira this December?

The winter holidays are a time of great glee in Madeira. Though closer to Africa than Europe from the geographical point of view, the island’s life is inextricably linked to that of the Old Continent and to Portugal, its mother-nation. The locals are mostly Catholic, so the Christmas Holidays come with an entire array of colorful traditions and events for everyone to enjoy.

Madeira turns into the Island of Light in December. As of December 1st, the Christmas lights are swiched on in Funchal, the bright decorations are set in place and everyone waits for the festivities to start. The lights will be on until January 6th and between these dates, there are market fairs and festivals to attend, culminating with the great fireworks display on New Year’s Eve.

One date not to be missed is December 23rd, when you are the guest of honor at the Market Night Party. Lasting throughout the night at the Mercado dos Lavradores, this famous fair will being song of carols in the air, dancing, food and merry-making for locals and visitors alike. The restaurants and bars are also open all night long, so there’s no excuse for going out and joining the fun!

On Christmas Eve, December 24th, you can attend the Christmas Midnight Mass or Missa do Galo (“Rooster’s Mass” in translation – do you remember the tradition of the Portuguese rooster?). Officiated by the very Bishop of Funchal, the Christmas Mass is also broadcast on TV.

The famous fireworks display on the night of December 31st already needs no more introduction. Suffice it to say that thousands of people from all over the world come to watch it.

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