Things to do is Madeira in autumn

Things to do is Madeira in autumn

They don’t call it “The Island of the Eternal Spring for no reason” – it is a universally acknowledged truth that the weather stays warm in Madeira throughout pretty much the entire year, but it does get a bit colder as we progress towards winter. In the following lines, stay with us as we discover new interesting things to do is Madeira in autumn.

The autonomous island of Madeira is much more than just an exotic destination by the ocean. It combines the fresh breeze of the Atlantic with the thrill of unforgettable landscapes you can enjoy from uphill; it is a land of wonder, where the soft sandy beaches caress the edge of the evergreen Laurisilva forest.

During summer, the most popular activities in Madeia are water sports and endless hiking trips, but let’s also see some things to do is Madeira in autumn:

A night at the… Madeira Mandolin Orchestra will be an unforgettable experience for any music lover. People who have listened to these professional musicians play say the sound of an entire orchestra of mandolins is unique and unforgettable. The location is Caminho Da Sao Roque, in Funchal.

Horseback tours of Madeira and the Laurisilva are popular on the island and they don’t require for the weather to be hot. A quiet autumn ride along the coast or through the forest is quite accessible and definitely enjoyable. Quinta do Riacho is the palce for you. Of course, if you are not the adventurous type, you can opt for a driving tour of Madeira.

One of the oldest and most representative institutions in all Madeiran history, the Jesuits’ College of Funchal (Colegio dos Jesuitas) is another attraction you can visit, even on a rainy day. Founded in 1569, it had many tenants throughout the century before eventually becoming a herald of volunteer work.

A visit to the Frederico de Freitas Museum, where you will enter the fascinating universe of a 17th century home stuffed with porcelain and furniture pieces, Venetian glass and priceless artwork.

And these are just a few of the many options you can explore.



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