These are the best September 2018 events in Madeira – Part 1


These are the best September 2018 events in Madeira to look forward to. The low season is almost here and with it comes the first month of autumn, with the promise of mild and still sunny and warm weather and a lot of things to look forward to: events, shows and low cost holidays with more accessible plane tickets and tourist prices, great Madeira transfer rates and Funchal car hire options for the most convenient prices.

But back to the subject of events, September has them lined up on the calendar and let’s not forget the advantages of traveling during a time of year when the high season is officially over.

Autumn is the best time to make wine and collect grapes, as we all know, and the Madeira Wine Festival marks the end of summer in Funchal and in Camara de Lobos, taking up a few days from August 26th to September 9th 2018. The event promises a lot of great wine and campy celebrations.

Later on in the month, if you also enjoy cider and its sweet and sour aroma, you are also invited to the 28th edition of the Cider Festival in the very cosy village of Santo da Serra. The event has been scheduled for September 22 and 23. Musical performances, selling local products and celebrating the local cider production are all in store for this event.

Did you know that Madeira used to have a very illustrious inhabitant? He was not a local by birth, but he was born to one. Christopher Columbus married the daughter of a Madeiran official and lived on the island for a few happy years. Every year, his life and legacy are celebrated. This year, the Columbus Festival will cover the days 13 to 15 of September and will bring another historical recreation of his arrival to the village of Porto Santo.



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