The most expected events in April 2017 in Madeira


If you asked me for a good time to visit the wonderful island where the spring lives eternally, I would sincerely say the second month of spring is that time.

The most expected events in April 2017 in Madeira provide a pretext more to come visit the wonderful island and get away from everything in the lovely and exotic confines of a land where the Atlantic Ocean meets the forested heights of the island emerging from the waters.

So let’s see some of the reasons to make you want to stay outside with the beautiful weather and the smiling sun of April in Madeira. Here are some of the peak events to enjoy during the coming month:

It would seem Madeiran love to watch movies in April. The Madeira Film Festival is a cultural event organized under the patronage of Scottish director Aitken Pearson with the aim of  promoting the world of the cinema in the context of Madeira ecotourism and education. The festival is scheduled to last for almost a week, from April 17th to 23rd 2017. Movies are not the only things to witness at the Madeira Film Festival. There are workshops, master classes, cocktails, dinners and parties to attend. The focus is always placed on nature, the start of the festival.

Here’s another fun event to attend: the Regional sugar cane fair, a popular festivity meant to celebrate the sugarcane local production in Madeira. Ponta do Sol is the meeting place for all farmers, visitors and locals. You can witness the traditional cutting of the sugar cane, drink Madeira wine and eat the best selections of local dishes.

How do we get there? We can get a ride from Funchal airport transfers anytime, anywhere on the island. You can also choose to book a Madeira tour: it’s cheap and you can see the entire island in just one day.




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