The best events scheduled for this May in Madeira

The best events scheduled for this May in Madeira

You already know this, especially if you’ve visited Madeira before: there’s always something going on on the Island of the Eternal Spring. The best events scheduled for this May in Madeira are here!

Let’s see what’s still in store for what remains of this month of May 2016! If spring is the perfect time to visit Madeira, you’re still on time, since there are more than a couple of weeks left until summer is officially here! (Not that summer weren’t a perfect time to visit too, but still: they don’t call it “the Island of the Eternal Spring” for nothing!)

Trust our local friends in Madeira to celebrate the craziest things! Between the 13th and the 15th of May 2016, come with us as we all pay tribute to the apparently humble onion in Canico during the Festa da Cebola (or the Onion Festival). This is a perfect traditional feast, featuring music, onion-decorated tractors and vans, handicrafts stands, food and of course, fun for guests of all ages. Plus let’s not forget the stars of the day: onions, which you can purchase straight from the farmers!

This May, stay in the city! In Funchal city, that is to say. Between the 27th of May and the 4th of June 2016, you are “booked” for the “Fica na Cidade”  Festival. What’s in store? Fun and music, street performances, the bouquet of the best Madeira wine you can taste, local delicacies, colorful decorations throughout the city, from Rua do Bispo, Rua dos Ferreiros, Rua da Queimada de Cima or Joao Tavira. There are live bands, street dances and a constant “state of partying” from 7.30 in the afternoon until midnight every day.

Also, we await confirmation on the date of the Ribeira Brava music event Regional Brass Band Meeting. Waiting for the start are the athletes attending the Porto Santo Ultra Trail, whose date is also yet to be decided.

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