Porto Santo, a place of beauty and history


Many of those who travel to Madeira Island also stop by Porto Santo, a place of beauty and history. Let’s see why this secret haven has such a strong appeal!

Recently, an exhibition took place in Porto Santo, at the Christopher Columbus House Museum. Named “Porto Santo Archaeological Charter”, the event wanted to bring to the fore aspects surrounding the archaeological heritage of the town, including ways to preserve it and instruments of characterizing and valuing the cultural specific of the region.

Located just 40 km north-east of Madeira Island, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, Porto Santo actually consists of a long beach encircled by a small portion of land. The spot is ideal for those of you looking for a bit more privacy. There are just a handful of resorts and restaurants along the 9 kilometers of fine, white beach.

During the time of the great Henry the Navigator, specifically in 1418, Porto Santo was discovered and claimed by the Portuguese. Among the celebrities who inhabited the island, famous navigator Christopher Columbus is the most renowned. He married the governor’s daughter and lived in Vila Baleira in Porto Santo for a few years in a home that is now a museum.

Today, Porto Santo hosts a fine golf course, sponsors horseback riding and watersports like diving, swimming and game-fishing and all in all provides entertainment for all tastes. There are two main areas on the island: the fine volcanic beach (south-west) and the accidented mountainous north-east. Both are fascinating to explore. And there’s another perk: if rain reigns in Madeira, Porto Santo provides a dry and sunny climate.

Inside Madeira Island, you can rent with Funchal car hire or get a Madeira transfer, but to get to Porto Santo, you need to either fly (by plane, sure) or by ferry. Either way, this amazing spot is a destination not to miss!



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