Madeira attended a prominent gastronomical event

Madeira attended a prominent gastronomical event

There are things going on in Madeira – which only make the locals more proud of belonging to the Island of the Eternal Spring. Recently, Madeira attended a prominent gastronomical event.

The Academia Madeirense das Carnes (which translates into “The Madeira Academy of Meat”), the Gastronomical Fraternity of Madeira Island, participated in the gastronomical event “Chapitre des Accordailles”, which took part in Martigny, Switzerland.

This event is quite important locally and was attended by 300 of the members that are part of the culinary fraternity. The Order of “la Channe”, a Swiss brotherhood, was also present.

And now we think it might be interesting to take a couple of minutes to talk about the cuisine of Madeira Island. The island halfway between Africa and Europe, deep in the Atlantic Ocean, is a natural paradise that benefits from a wide variety of goods and produce. Therefore, many a gastronomical delight can be tasted here.

Seafood is obviously choice number one if you are in for authentic dishes here. Octopus, shrimps tuna, limpets and Madeiran black scabbard fish fillets are recommended. One such dish is “espetada” made of beef that is grilled on laurel, tuna fish steaks and corn that is fried in a pan and served warm and scented, “bolo do caco” – the sweet local baked bread cake.

Madeirans have a sweet tooth. Chocolate mousse, vanilla puddings and ice creams galore can be sampled in coffee shops here, while apples and passion fruit are the favorite tropical fruits to be purchased in the market. Cakes – like the local honey cake, the “bolo de mel” – are also worth mentioning.

As for drinks, tropical juices (made of the above-mentioned passion fruit, apples, but also papaya or guava) are universally favored. Poncha is a slightly alcoholic cocktail made of lemon juice and sugar-cane brandy and of course, we cannot forget the famous Madeira wine. But be sure to be alcohol-free when you get behind the wheel of your Madeira rental. Or, you can get a Madeira transfer to get you back your hotel.



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