Let’s start 2017 in Madeira!


Let’s start 2017 in Madeira! Here are some of the most important event in Madeira Island to attend the coming January 2017!

The end of the year we are still on is no reason for sadness or disappointment. Not if we have the prospect of starting a new year in the beautiful confines of the idyllic Madeira Island, where the New Year’s Eve sky shines and explodes in color like nowhere else in the world!

So 2017 actually starts on the night between the years, from December 31st 2016, when people gather in Funchal, by the ocean, to witness one of the most beautiful displays of fireworks in the world.

Let’s sing in Madeira! The island has its very own traditional songs for January. Cantar os Reis or the Singing of the Kings is a tradition celebrated yearly between the 5th and the 6th of January. It’s not just music, there are street shows and tasty music to enjoy and concerts that are held at the Funchal Municipal Gardens Auditorium.

The Christmas season lasts a little longer in Madeira, ending with the ‘Santo Amaro’ Festival, so on January 15th, take a ride from Madeira car hire and drive to Santa Cruz. Once there, you are welcome to enjoy the last festive meal of the Christmas season, with tasty food and nativity scenes. Afterwards, the decorations are taken down and the season is officially over.

Festa dos Compadres takes place every year in Santana and marks the beginning of a new season in Madeira: the carnival season! This colorful tradition has a history of half a century. It is an awesome reason to visit the island during winter. The dates are yet to be announced, but our advice is to book your Madeira airport transfres in advance, because you will need transport at that time!



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