Most exciting March 2015 events in Madeira

Most exciting March 2015 events in Madeira

It has not been called “the Island of the Eternal Spring” for no reason. The best time to visit one of the most beloved islands in Europe and the entire world is during spring, when the weather is pleasantly warm, with temperatures rising to 20 degrees Celsius by the end of March and the streets of Funchal are crowded with an explosion of flowers and color.

With spring just knocking on our door, let’s talk about the most exciting March 2015 events in Madeira. The Madeirans really know how to welcome spring, the time they are in their element.

Festa da Anona (or, in translation, the Cherimoya Fruit Festival) is celebrated in Faial, Santana between the 7th and 8th of March. Anona (the actual Cherimoya Fruit) is grown around Faial village, on the northern coast, and is the symbol of sweet fruits that grow on the Island. The Festa da Anona is celebrated with a beautiful exhibition of fruits and local products and with a loud, happy party.

No sooner does the Cherimoya Fruit Festival approach its end then the Madeira Island Open starts. This professional golf tournament is held annually in Santo da Serra. It is scheduled for the period 8-11th of March and offers a thrilling experience and world-class golf courses for all those who wish to participate.

As we approach the end of March and with the weather expected to get warmer and warmer, people are invited to the Madeira Forest and Tree Week starting on March 21st. Taking place in the Ecological park of Funchal, this is also an annual event meant to promote ecology and awareness regarding the importance of promoting nature and forests. In the pure Madeiran style, the event entails workshops, exhibits, contests and activities (tree planting being the most important of them, of course).

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