Come spend the winter holidays on the Island of Madeira!

Come spend the winter holidays on the Island of Madeira!

The coming of November is the first signal that the scent of Christmas and the sound of the New Year approaching are close. Today we say, Come spend the winter holidays on the Island of Madeira! And we’re not just suggesting this train of action, we’re giving you reasons why you should!

The Island of Madeira is home to some of the nicest people in the world. And that is no wonder, since they are inhabiting a small exotic corner of Paradise. Madeira belongs to Portugal and of course, much of the architecture and the culture here are determined by European mores. But there is something in the atmosphere, foreign and scented, that reminds you that in fact this archipelago perched on a stretch of land in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean is in fact closer to Africa than Europe by quite a lot.

The weather in Madeira is ever-mind, temperatures revolving around 20 to 25 degrees Celsius, which has earned the island the title of “island of the eternal spring”. In December and January, temperatures rarely drop below 15 degrees Celsius. And although it can rain a lot, there is no snow and no cold to speak of, really.

Madeira also hosts one of the greatest – according to some, “the greatest” – fireworks displays in the world, on New Year’s Eve every year, so you are invited to witness it.

As for the present, the TAP Portuguese National Airline has informed that it would boost the number of flights and places for the winter holidays of 2015-2016. 72 more flights will be scheduled for the period December 18th 2015 – January 5th 2016, giving 2000 more seats for passengers coming to Madeira.

For those landing at the Airport of Madeira, a Funchal airport transfer or Funchal car hire should be booked in advance, to avoid the crowds and travel nicely to the destination.



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