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Christmas is coming to Madeira!



Dear friends in search of your next travel destination, Christmas is coming to Madeira! This is a great reason to rejoice and celebrate and to remember that, as far as island life goes, Madeira is a greatly personal experience and a wonderful place to spend the winter season in a warm, traditional landscape.

If you were thinking that spending Christmas and the New Year in an exotic place, where the sound of jingle bells through the snow is… only available in children’s books might take the magic away, you are mistaken and lacking in imagination.

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New Year’s Eve in Madeira



Winter is coming – and we don’t only mean to remind you of the TV series. Winter in the Western world means a lot of things, most of them revolving around Christmas and the winter season. And I know a reason or two why thousands of people will choose to spend New Year’s Eve in Madeira this year.

After a long autumn and little free days for most people, everybody is feeling tired and really, really eager for a new vacation. Winter is Christmas and New Year’s Eve time and of course, most of us are lucky enough to plan a few days of holidays as well.

One of the most beautiful spots in all of Europe is actually set hundreds of miles away from continental Europe, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, virtually closer to Africa than the Old Continent. And yet it is one of the most charming spots, an idyllic island populated by gentle, kind Portuguese people who made the island their home long ago. Everybody who comes here will tell you they also do a really good job at making the place home for all visitors as well.

Madeira lives off tourism for the most part. Why people crowd to “The Island of the Eternal Spring” (as it is nicknamed) throughout the year is quite evident. But what would one do on an exotic island in winter?

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The Madeira Story Center, coolest museum!



From time to time, it’s good to take into consideration our education – namely, our life long education, that thing that makes us want to earn for more knowledge and information and higher understanding and… Haha! Just kidding! The truth is, whenever we travel, we tend to want to learn something from that travel, to give it a bit of a meaning somehow. So we tend to want to combine enjoyment with learning; on the Island of the Eternal Spring, here is what you must see: The Madeira Story Center, coolest museum!

The Madeira Story Center is a relatively new museum located in Funchal, at the heart of the old town. It is conveniently situated, very close to the Funchal Teleferico, another “must see” from which you can get a 360-degree view of the entire archipelago in just 15 minutes.

Back to the museum: this is the greatest place to learn more about the island and its history. This is made in a very interactive and entertaining way. It is a “smart museum” fitted with state of the art multimedia technologies that will make the journey interesting and fascinating for everyone, adults and children alike.

Basically, the display area is arranged in several sections; these are themed exhibitions which are meant to recreate the atmosphere, the air and smell of life in the respective age or context.

Outside, there are thematic gardens to explore as well. The flora of the Madeira Island is luxuriant and spectacular and you will have an amazing time walking these gardens as well.

Towards the exit, there is a great souvenir shop where you can find different local artifacts and handicrafts to buy for your loved ones.

We won’t spoil the surprise for you, but let you discover this beautiful place for yourselves. When it’s time to find your way back home, you can count on Madeira transfers to bring you back.


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Top Hidden Attractions in Madeira


If you have ever travelled to the wondrous island of the eternal spring, there are spots you are never in danger of missing, but there are also those that you risk to miss out on, so that’s exactly why we are here to talk about the Top Hidden Attractions in Madeira.
Here are a few spots that are worth putting on your list not because they are mainstream, but exactly for the opposite reason: because they are completely different from the usual Madeira tour routine – though you can and should pop them in there as well.
One of the things you will often see on islands are straw hats. At the Hats Factory of Santa Maria you can not only get a hat, but take your pick out of a pretty wide selection of head gear accessories. Of course, you can also get a specially tailored one, at the factory you can get your measures taken and get a perfect hat for you.
São Lourenço Palace in Funchal is one of the coolest free entry attractions. It is a beautiful lavish palace you can explore free of charge anytime in the capital city of the island. Classical paintings, French furniture and other artifacts are available on display – you will love every minute of your stay here.
Another museum to put on the list is the Museum Quinta das Cruzes. It is open everyday except from Mondays. The former home of João Gonçalves Zarco (who, for those who may not know, is one of those who discovered Madeira and started turning it into what it is today) also offers the opportunity to freely stroll along its wiede gardens and admire the Manueline architecture of the buildings outside. Sometimes, visiting what from the outside looks like a simple house is a great opportunity to delve a bit deeper into the inner life of a place, and that – in Madeira – is amazing!

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The most expected events in April 2017 in Madeira


If you asked me for a good time to visit the wonderful island where the spring lives eternally, I would sincerely say the second month of spring is that time.

The most expected events in April 2017 in Madeira provide a pretext more to come visit the wonderful island and get away from everything in the lovely and exotic confines of a land where the Atlantic Ocean meets the forested heights of the island emerging from the waters.

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Spring comes to the Island of the Eternal Spring


As spring comes to the Island of the Eternal Spring, we become more and more open to the possibility of traveling to Madeira this March or April. The island is a wonderful, idyllic place to visit regardless of time and weather, but it is not called “the Island of the Eternal Spring” for no reason.

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The best events to go to in Madeira in March 2017


Can you believe that spring is almost here? I for one can find it hard to believe, especially after so much cold and winter and snow… I do feel like a change of air (and by “air” I literally mean “temperature” and “atmosphere”) is sorely needed. And where better to spend the first days of spring than on the Island of the Eternal Spring. That’s right, we come online today for the (pretty much only) purpose of figuring out the best events to go to in Madeira in March 2017.

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The best events to look forward to in Madeira this February 2017



We are preparing for the shortest month in the year, but this doesn’t mean there isn’t fun to look forward to in the month of all lovers. So here is a short preview of the best events to look forward to in Madeira this February 2017. Let’s check it out!

If you are preparing to spend the last month of winter in the beautiful Island of the Eternal Spring, we think you’d be making a very good choice! The weather in February in Madeira is lovely, spring like – the island truly deserves its name after all. We’ve “Googled” the weather for the coming months and 15-18 degrees Celsius is what you should expect!

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Let’s start 2017 in Madeira!


Let’s start 2017 in Madeira! Here are some of the most important event in Madeira Island to attend the coming January 2017!

The end of the year we are still on is no reason for sadness or disappointment. Not if we have the prospect of starting a new year in the beautiful confines of the idyllic Madeira Island, where the New Year’s Eve sky shines and explodes in color like nowhere else in the world!

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What’s up in Madeira this November?


Here is a question for all of you lovers of the Island of the Eternal spring: What’s up in Madeira this November? Like every month, we meet again to talk about the most exciting events on the island. Today’s discussion is about November 2016.

Did you know November is actually an amazing time to travel? It is, even though the weather might be a bit capricious! November is the cheapest month to travel so don’t write a vacation off your list this month!

Here are some of the events you can attend in Madeira in November 2016:

The Chestnut Festival, locally known as Festa da Castanha, is an annual popular event scheduled for 1-2 November 2016. Its main aim is to promote the local chestnut production. The celebration includes food and drink, music and good cheer. November 1st coincides with All Saints’ Day, so the Chestnut Festival in Madeira is a combination of religious manifestations and popular display, a bit like Halloween in the West.

The Madeira Conservatory Association is proud to present the great Madeira Piano Fest, scheduled for November 5-13. If you love piano music in all its manifestations (classical, instrumental, etc.), the Madeira Piano Fest is the place for you to feast your… ears for a few special nights of music.

The Funchal International Film Festival is the perfect place for film buffs all over the world. The dates are yet to be announced, but what we already know from previous experience is that this is bound to be a great opportunity to view some of the best independent films on various intriguing subjects.

And to end the month with a sweet flavor, the Essence of Wine Madeira has been scheduled for November 25-27.
The last thing you require is transport and Madeira airport transfers are here to land you a helping hand.

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