Barcelona catamaran tours


Are you looking into the option of Barcelona catamaran tours for your Spanish trip? That is indeed an excellent idea! How about we explore this option indepth?

First of all, we think of… cats! And we find out that the fluffy domestic animals with phosphorescent eyes and unsettling claws are not the only ones called thus. For the connoisseurs, cats are short for catamarans, multi hulled vessels that provide a smoother and more comfortable sailing experience than the monohull.

Catamarans are a rather exotic idea in terms of boats today, but interestingly enough they have apparently been around since time immemorial, being particularly popular among the Indian Dravidian tribes. In Oceania, such vessels were also independently designed. So their history is quite exciting.

But while all that might indeed sound a bit too technical to understand for the average tourist, what is more interesting to note is that Barcelona catamaran tours are an excellent idea for a day on sea during your stay in the region of Catalonia.

A catamaran tour may take even three full hours and takes you around the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. You get to see the most wonderful landscapes over Barcelona, with its eclectic architecture, proud history, gorgeous seaside beaches and lively lifestyle, you can dance to the music that will accompany you throughout the tour and enjoy an unforgettable trip and a Spanish-style party – a true “fiesta”.

If you are thinking this is just another boat trip, you are wrong. Barcelona catamaran tours are not just splendid opportunities to take a look over the city “from the outside”, but can also turn into exciting social events. Corporations like to organize boat trips and catamaran tours and somehow the sway of sailing goes perfectly with the select rhythms of Jazz music – so special recitals and sunset watching onboard the catamaran are also options to look into if you are looking for a different experience.

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Barcelona catamaran tours
Barcelona catamaran tours



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