An outdoors experience in Madeira

An outdoors experience in Madeira

Spring is the fundamental element one can link to the outstanding and luxurious Island of Madeira – the Island of the Eternal Spring. An outdoors experience in Madeira will bring you close to the quiet and peace that every heart yearns for.

Starting in spring, the weather in Madeira starts getting warmer and warmer, so more and more tourists come to this haven of scented, colorful beauty. The island itself is a homage to nature and beauty, but apart from the spectacular views and the sunny beaches, there are specially designed spots and institutions in Madeira that center all this natural beauty around one aspect at a time.

The Madeira Botanical Gardens are housed in an old property that once belonged to Reid’s family, Quinta do Bom Successo, some 3 km away from the hustle and bustle of the Funchal capital center. The Gardens, open since 1960, cover an area of 35.000 sqm and provide an explosion of color and scent in a surprising mix of trees, indigenous and endemic plants, succulent South American plants and tropical, medicinal and aromatic plants with fruits.

The Madeira Botanical Gardens are open daily from 9 AM to 6 PM and can offer a day’s entertainment and education for a group of school children, for instance.

The Madeira Aquarium, located in Porto Moniz village, houses the most diverse marine world habitats in 12 large tanks. The exhibitions which can be admired display fish, sharks and sea mammals alike. It is definitely a must-see, as well as the very village where the Aquarium is housed.

The Santa Catarina Park is one of the best outdoors spots in Madeira, one of the most important promenades in Funchal, as well as a great venue for concerts, events and expositions featuring art or animals.

All of these outstanding places are well worth visiting if you rent a car in Madeira or employ a Funchal airport transfer.



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