A November full of exciting events in Madeira Island

A November full of exciting events in Madeira Island

Think about it: if you have an island where spring never ends, where the sun keeps shining and the ocean smiles along with the sun reflecting in shimmering rays of silver across its immensity, you have a recipe for paradise. Add a bit of enthusiasm and an active social life and it gives you a November full of exciting events in Madeira Island!

Any day in Madeira is a holiday, especially since the atmosphere of the island makes you feel like a welcome tourist and friend in every single second of your stay. Couple that with nice, warm people and you again get a recipe for glee. In November, there are a couple of events to attend:

The first of these events occupies November 1st and 2nd 2015. We are talking about the fun and emblematic Chestnut Festival (locally known as Festa da Castanha). This annual popular event is held in the rural region of Curral das Freiras, where people gather to pay homage to chestnuts, which are grown extensively in the area.

You’d be surprised at how many products are made from chestnuts, from baked goods and soups to liqueur.

The entire Portugal – along with Madeira – also celebrates the All Saints Day (or Dia de Todos os Santos) on the first day of November. Much like Halloween, children go trick-or-treating and have loads of fun.

A more urban kind of entertainment is provided by the Funchal Film Festival which takes place in the island’s capital city from the 10th to the 17th of November 2015. Organized by the Madeira Government at the Baltazar Dias Municipal Theatre, it is an event that promotes independent films produced in Madeira and abroad.

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