7 Tips for traveling to Madeira Island

7 Tips for traveling to Madeira Island

Halfway between Europe and Africa (well, technically closer to Africa from the geographical point of view, but belonging to Europe administratively and culturally), recent years have seen Madeira rise more and more in the top of Europe’s favorite exotic holiday choices. Here are 7 Tips for traveling to Madeira Island.

There are many reasons why one would choose Madeira as a travel destination. The people are said to be the kindest in the world and the island itself has a sense of peace and beauty that gets travelers coming back again and again.

One thing you should know about Madeira is that the weather is warm and pleasant all year round. Summers are warm, but not exceedingly hot, as is the case with Spain, for instance. However, as you might expect, being an island (actually, an archipelago), Madeira is prone to rains, so it might be a good idea to pack an umbrella for your trip as well.

Hiking is probably the most popular activity on the island. The Laurisilva forest surrounds the island, so walking down the outstanding levadas and paths of Madeira is a favorite option. Another promenade you shouldn’t miss is the seafront in Camara de Lobos, which just happens to be the favorite place of Winston Churchill, who would sit there and paint.

Water sports are practiced here, of course, especially scuba diving. The marine life on the island is amazing, including dolphins, whales and monk seals, which can be admired on a specialized tour.

Big game fishing is another popular activity, along with sailing. But if you like to keep away from dangerous water activities, you might like to explore the island on foot or by car, on a Madeira tour or with a Madeira transfer.

As the roads in Madeira are quite steep and winding, the option of Funchal car hire can save you a lot of effort. Last tip: choose a car that is small enough and strong enough in terms of traction to negotiate Madeira!



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